wownero mobile daemon.
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A dumb android pruned full node for Wownero.

Get it on Google Play

How to build

Compile wownerod for android-arm64

Simple method with Docker

pushd .
git clone
cd wownero
git submodule init && git submodule update

docker build -f utils/build_scripts/android64.Dockerfile -t wownero-android .
# Create container
docker create -it --name wownero-android wownero-android bash
# Get binaries
docker cp wownero-android:/src/build/release/bin .

The binary needed is ./bin/wownerod.

Alternative methods

  1. One docker instance per hash

See etc/scripts/, modify the value of version per build.

  1. Debian based system similar to F-droid

See the wow task in Makefile.

Install flutter and make sure it’s in path

Compile CyberWOW

git clone
cd cyberwow

mkdir -p cyberwow/native/output/arm64
mkdir -p cyberwow/native/output/x86_64

# Copy wownerod that we just built
cp $PATH_TO_WOWNEROD cyberwow/native/output/arm64/
# Generate a dummy x86_64 bin
touch cyberwow/native/output/x86_64/wownerod

make build

The resulting apk is cyberwow/build/app/outputs/apk/release/app-release.apk.


Author’s WOW address: