trezor trezor

:orange_book: Micro QR Code Generator.

Updated 1 year ago

:snake: Client side implementation for TREZOR-compatible Bitcoin hardware wallets.

Updated 10 months ago

:lock: Sources for TREZOR firmware.

Updated 10 months ago

:snake: Mnemonic code for generating deterministic keys, BIP39.

Updated 4 months ago

:snake: Python wrapper for the hidapi.

Updated 3 weeks ago

:game_die: Random Number Generator (RNG) tests.

Updated 11 months ago

:orange_book: Heavily optimized cryptography algorithms for embedded devices.

Updated 44 minutes ago

:warning: OBSOLETE. DO NOT USE! Use instead.

Updated 3 days ago

:package: Common files shared among TREZOR repositories.

Updated 1 day ago

:iphone: TREZOR Management App and Communication Library for Android.

Updated 3 months ago

Password Management via TREZOR.

Updated 1 month ago

:link: A platform for easy integration of TREZOR into 3rd party services.

Updated 1 week ago

:globe_with_meridians: TREZOR Chrome Extension.

Updated 6 months ago

:electric_plug: TREZOR Connect for WordPress.

Updated 1 year ago

:wrench: Hardware design of TREZOR.

Updated 4 weeks ago