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  Tomas Susanka 134120027b README: we're moving to monorepo 11 months ago
  Andrew Kozlik d710db50fe Increment PIN fail counter after deriving the KEK and KEIV from the PIN. 1 year ago
  Andrew Kozlik 511fc205b2 Improve the information which gets passed to ui_callback(). Exact total remaining time, smooth progress and better messages. 1 year ago
  Andrew Kozlik 0e897f673a In unlock() show 'Processing' instead of 'Verifying PIN' if the PIN is empty. 1 year ago
  Andrew Kozlik cf9e276c6e In derive_kek() show 'Processing' instead of 'Verifying PIN' if the PIN is empty or the device is not being unlocked. 1 year ago
  Andrew Kozlik 24df1ca2b7 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:trezor/trezor-storage 1 year ago
  Andrew Kozlik 1b9329b6fa Fix undefined integer shift. 1 year ago
  Tomas Susanka a109cc26c0 README: swap ENCRDATA and TAG as introduced in previous commit 1 year ago
  Andrew Kozlik e55737c4b1 Change encrypted entry format to (IV || tag || ciphertext). 1 year ago
  Andrew Kozlik 9100a3ee64 Improve PVC check to mitigate side channel attacks by adding randomization and using word-wise comparison. 1 year ago
  Andrew Kozlik 5b49878cdb Check that the input to storage_set_encrypted() doesn't exceed the maximum length of 65507. 1 year ago
  Pavol Rusnak d715873ee6
callback: change ratio to 80% waiting, 20% deriving KEK 1 year ago
  Pavol Rusnak d7e7d8ef27
show ui_callback always (before and after) 1 year ago
  Pavol Rusnak 38e92407c7
show progress in derive_kek 1 year ago
  Pavol Rusnak 5688a9e47e
gitignore: add *.d 1 year ago
  Andrew Kozlik 94cb1a4dbe Before checking the PIN sleep for 2^ctr - 1 seconds instead of 2^(ctr-1) seconds. 1 year ago
  Andrew Kozlik 13b256ab2c Shorten error messages to better display on Trezor 1 screen. 1 year ago
  Andrew Kozlik ce90a12b53 Treat missing EDEK as a fault. 1 year ago
  Andrew Kozlik f05a2ff9cc Fix aliasing issue in storage_set_counter(). 1 year ago
  andrew 5c2765740d Add efficient counter implementation. 1 year ago
  andrew 18fa999974 Support entries which are writable even when the storage is locked. Needed for U2F counter on Trezor 1. 1 year ago
  andrew 0497802014 Display more information when handle_fault() is invoked to help diagnose bugs. We might want to remove this in the next release. 1 year ago
  andrew 4429888b93 Use error_shutdown() to display 'Too many wrong PIN attempts. Storage has been wiped.' 1 year ago
  andrew 2862d679ac Do not require storage to be unlocked prior to calling storage_change_pin(). The function checks the old PIN anyway. 1 year ago
  andrew 47cd563c81 Interrupt the PIN wait dialog if the PIN_UI_WAIT_CALLBACK function returns sectrue. 1 year ago
  andrew 6d9a4962a4 Check the 'initialized' flag in storage_*() functions before doing anything. 1 year ago
  andrew 8fc03a5a95 Fix bug in auth_get() when storing the authentication_sum. Remove the superfluous auth_get() call in unlock(). 1 year ago
  andrew 2888c11095 Bugfix: Unlock flash when copying sector header. 1 year ago
  andrew 840f7461ee Add storage_is_unlocked(). 1 year ago
  andrew ebe884ab4d Make storage_pin_fails_increase() public. 1 year ago
  andrew 7e8c4e783d Revert "Add storage_wipe_ex() which allows to specify the new PIN and the PIN fail count." 1 year ago
  andrew 7228b299b3 Add storage_lock(). 1 year ago
  andrew d49e3c9f3c Add storage_wipe_ex() which allows to specify the new PIN and the PIN fail count. 1 year ago
  andrew fc29df6f87 Rename flash_erase_sector() to flash_erase() to resolve name collision with libopencm3 in trezor-mcu. 1 year ago
  andrew 65fdd53427 Rename flash_unlock() to flash_unlock_write() to resolve name collision with libopencm3 in trezor-mcu. 1 year ago
  andrew 7be7709c70 Fix strict-prototypes warnings by explicitly specifying void when a function accepts no arguments. 1 year ago
  Tomas Susanka a73e147ceb readme: remove future tense; and key derivation image; other small typos 1 year ago
  Tomas Susanka f24c6e31f6 readme: import from google docs 1 year ago
  Pavol Rusnak 8970e2bdeb
add .gitignore 1 year ago
  Pavol Rusnak 638a933e22
add COPYING 1 year ago
  Pavol Rusnak 781f1c24d0
init 1 year ago