Files from the Monero Meetup Kit that need to be translated.
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This repository contains the files of the Monero Meetup Kit that need to be translated in as many languages as possible. Right now the priority is the Flyer.


This repository is synchronized with the Taiga instance of the localization team, all issues opened here will be opened on there as well. For an optimal use and coordination, a task should be opened on Taiga before committing to the repository (this is because GitHub can only modify tasks not create one). You have three ways to do this:

  • Join us on Taiga, so you can open a new issue by yourself, you only need to give us an email address (contact the project on Taiga)
  • Open an issue in this repository specifying what you’re going to do (eg. “updating Italian translation of the flyer”). A task will be added and the number of this will be communicated to you (we’ll see why later)
  • contact /u/ErCiccione on reddit or on Freenode (#monero-translations)

Translating the Flyer

  1. Fork this repository, so you have your own version on GitHub, then clone your fork locally using git clone --recursive
  2. Add a subfolder for your language (check existing folders)
  3. download Scribus, an open source tool for document publishing.
  4. After you installed Scribus, go in the folder flyer-scribus-files and double click on the file flyer.sla. A window will pop up, asking to replace the missing arial regular font. Substitute this one with Open Sans Regular and click ok.
  5. Replace the english strings with the ones in your languages
  6. When your file is ready, we need to compile it to transform it into a PDF. To do so click on the File Menu -> Export -> Save as PDF -> Save
  7. Done! now move the resulting pdf inside the folder you created on step 2, push your changes to your remote repository and open a pull request (pointing to master)

Workflow and Examples

  • I want to add a Japanese version of the flyer and nobody is working on it right now
  • I don’t want a Taiga account, so I open an issue asking to open a new task
  • I push my commits and open a Pull Request
  • Once the PR has been reviewed, the maintainer will merge it to the code,.

For support and suggestions: Open an issue in this repository, come chat on#monero-translations on Freenode, or message us on Taiga