Guide for the Monero GUI wallet - maintained by erciccione.
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Guide for the Monero GUI wallet

This repository contains the guide for the Monero GUI Wallet. This document is meant to be updated continuously and a new major release will be available whenever Monero publishes a new version of the GUI.  

The guide is composed by several different markdown files (see the chapter ‘structure’). For simplicity, we have an easy-to-consult version:

Versions and branches

The links above are for the upstream version of the guide. In other words, they are synced with the master branch of the Monero GUI wallet.  

If you are looking for the guide for a specific GUI release, change the branch of this repository.
Branches available:

  • 1.5: Monero GUI and ‘Beryllium Bullet’
  • 1.6: Monero GUI wallet version 0.14.1


For PDF and EPUB versions, check out the latest Release.

Structure and guidelines for contributors

The original guide can be found in the en folder. It’s divided in 9 main chapters:

Chapter Content
00 Preface
01 Welcome
02 Create a Wallet
03 Monero Account
04 Send Monero
05 Receive Monero
06 Transaction History
07 Advanced Features
08 Settings
09 Binaries Verification
10 About Remote Nodes
11 Common Issues and Solutions

These single chapters can be built in a single file in 3 different formats: HTML, PDF and EPUB.
To do so we use pandoc. If you wish to build the guide by yourself, you can do it following these steps (on Linux):

  1. Download Pandoc, make and all necessary dependencies:

    sudo apt install pandoc make
    sudo apt install texlive texlive-xetex texlive-latex-extra
  2. From the source of the repository run:

    make [format][-language]

    For example, if you wish to build only the Spanish version in PDF format, you should run make pdf-es.
    If you want all languages in a single format: make epub- This will give you the epub version in all languages.
    If you want to build all formats for all available languages: make all - This will build the guide in PDF, HTML and EPUB in all available languages.


Improvements are always welcome. Feel free to propose a change using the issue tracker or opening a pull request.
If you wish to contribute, please do not edit the file That’s just temporary and it gets built manually. Work ONLY on the .md files inside the ‘en’ folder. Every pull request with changes to will be rejected.


Before adding a translation, please keep in mind the general guidelines for Monero translators, which are:

  • Avoid the use of gender specific terminology.
  • If available, use the glossary for your language. This will help to keep translations consistent across different works. You can find all glossaries here.
  • Read the guide ‘Translation tips for Monero translators’. It contains all the information you need to submit a perfect translation.
  • If a string contains numbers, just keep them as they are.


Adding a translation is very easy:

  1. Copy the en folder with all its content (including the ‘makefile’) and rename the new folder with the codename of your language (for example /it for Italian).
  2. Translate all the text you find, except for code and html.
  3. Edit the string LANGUAGES = in the main makefile, after ‘en’ (or the previous added language) add the name of the folder which contains your translations.
  4. Push the changes to your local branch and open a pull request.

Do not edit the files contained in the /translations folder. They are manually built. All changes MUST be done on the appropriate source folder (/en for English, /es for Spanish, etc..).


If you need help/support, open an issue on this repository or contact ErCiccione. You can do so:

  • On the live support chat of the localization workgroup: #monero-translations (on IRC/Freenode, MatterMost, riot/matrix)
  • By email: translate[at]getmonero[dot]org
  • On reddit: just PM /u/erciccione


The creation and maintainance of this guide require a lot of hours of work. I think it’s a very useful document and I’m happy to work on it voluntarily. The only problem is that the creation/maintainance of the guide requires a high consumption of beer. If you would like to help me refill my fridge and show the middle finger to my liver, consider donating to this Monero address: