Source code behind /u/MoneroTipsBot, the first Monero tipping service.
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Censorship free donations, for your favorite Reddit contributors.

A secure, on-chain, Reddit Monero tip bot written in Python.

Version history:

  • 0.1: Initial release, testnet only
  • 0.2: Security and bugfixes
  • 0.3: Output splitting enhancements
  • 0.4: Logging and CCS donations
  • 0.5: Better RPC handling
  • 0.6: Mainnet release
  • 0.7: Lock handle and background sync
  • 0.8: Anonymous tips and UX
  • 0.9: Security and RPC refactor
  • 0.10: Testnet & mainnet support
  • 0.11: Stability & Test suites

How to run (Testnet)

  • Have praw.ini in main dir
  • Have Monero software in /monero dir
  • Run monerod
  • Run -p <password> [-t]


Special thanks to

for answering all my questions :)


Please forward all donations to the Monero project