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Common ground for the Ledger Live apps


yarn add @ledgerhq/live-common


yarn          # install deps
yarn build    # build live-common...
yarn watch    # ...or watch to faster re-build
yarn test     # test exclusively live-common

tool folder is a ledger-live command-line

To run it for development and have the latest sourcecode running we need to either copy the lib folder of live-common in tool/nodemodules or use something like yalc. _We used to use yarn link but symlink are not properly working and creating dup issues. You likely want to run yarn watch in a terminal and do this in another terminal (from top level):

yalc publish # link live-common
cd tool/
yalc add @ledgerhq/live-common
yarn link    # will make ledger-live CLI available
yarn watch   # incremental build as well

Assuming that yarn global bin is in your $PATH,

You can run:


and it will always use your latest sourcecode.

Release flow

to run exclusively on master

yarn publish
git push
git push --tags

you also likely want to update tool and release a new version as well (second commit).

Adding cryptocurrencies

Please find instruction in src/data/cryptocurrencies.js.