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Monero wallet application for Ledger Blue and Nano S

Install from sources

In order to install from sources for testing purpose you need to uncomment the two following lines in Makefile


Note this is only for testing. For production usage, use the application provided by the Live Manager.



Add address display Enhence protocol security Remmove double ask for view key




Add Tx proof support Monero post


Targeted Client: Monero post


Targeted Client: Monero

Partial bug Fixes in change destination address computation: Only one destination is allowed in transfer command


Targeted Client: Monero

  • V11 fork integration
  • Fix change address issue.


  • Remove rolling address display
  • Allow STEALTH instruction outside TX
  • Doc fix


Fix stack overflow for 1.5.5 SDK


Allow transaction parsing when screen is locked


Initial Release

Targeted Client: Monero

  • Security fix: Screen lock management
  • Optimisation: New protocol V2 for future
  • Fix bug in large amount display that was truncated
  • Remove confirmation for zero amount (fake sweep change)
  • Better handling for change address to not display them
  • Dual id (PIN based) management
  • Add onscreen seed words display


Initial Release

Targeted Client: Monero

v 0.12.4 / Beta 5

Targeted Client: Monero 0.12.1

  • U2F support
  • Fix Windows detection problem
  • activate Mainnet ‘Beta stage: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK’

v 0.12.3 / Beta 4

Targeted Client: Monero 0.12.1

  • SDK port

v 0.12.2 / Beta 3

Targeted Client: Monero 0.12.1

  • Activate security command chain control

v 0.12.1 / Beta 2

Targeted Client: Monero 0.12.1

  • Add second PIN support
  • Remove key storage in NVRAM, always recompute secret key at boot
  • Export secret viewkey, with agreement of user, to speed up tx scan
  • Clean-up RAM usage
  • Change some naming according to Monero client convention

Beta 1

Targeted Client: Monero 0.12.0

  • Initial Beta.